Life is truly what we make it. We decide what we fill our days with, and which people are allowed to orbit our personal space. So why not fill it with more magic? I’ve been on a journey the last year six months that is really hard to explain. Literally my entire perspective has been shifted and my goals altered. Maybe altered isn’t even the word…they’ve been expanded and built upon. I made a decision to say yes, to jump in with both feet, and to work out the details later. I’m really focused on the things that add value to my life: music, family, friends, new experiences, prayer, meditation, and good food. I have always had a dream of singing in London. I’m also loving the process of staying afloat here in California, and finding my path in its songwriting world. And what better way to add some more value to life than meeting new people and sharing music with them?

I’m proud and excited to announce the show dates I have lined up. I didn’t want to go the traditional club route exactly, because I’ve spent a decade playing them. I like intimate settings. I like out of the box settings. One of my favorite shows ever was when Ashley Falgout and I made up songs about almonds in the aisle of the Whole Foods. We ran out of material after two hours, but we were supposed to fill four…so we sang about sale items. That is a memory that brings joy to my heart, and I intend to create more of them. If you sing, play an instrument, like to talk shit, whatever, come hang out at one of these places while I sing to you. Jump in and jam if you want!

January 24th     Sam Ash                 Torrance, CA

January 27th     Santa Maria BBQ     Buena Park, CA   (BBQ and Blues)

January 31st     Sofar Sounds            Los Angeles, CA  (Secret location, tickets online)

February 26th   The Bedford              London, UK (two performances with an intermission)

February 28th    The Bassment         Chelmsford, UK


More details to come.

I can’t wait to share some bbq, some intimate settings, some historical venues, and some high fives!



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