My ADHD is in full swing today. I’m trying to focus and get everything in order for the tour, at the same time as making sure everything business wide is handled here while I’m gone for ten days. I’ve made a checklist and put some lavender in the diffuser (it is supposed to be calming…we shall see). Since I’m in go mode though, this will be a very to the point entry!

I got the photos back from my shoot with Becka (@theundergroundpr) and I’m including all of the final ones that will be sent to Pinup Girl Clothing. I want to thank them, again, for making sure that I will be dressed magically on stage. I’ll include the outtakes on my IG @soulfullady, since I’m completely socially awkward and the shoot was outside with other humans. Hopefully it makes someone smile.

I leave tomorrow for the UK, and my first stop will be Notting Hill, Balham for the first show, Chelmsford for the last show, and ending back in downtown London. In between I’ve booked some Airbnb Experiences, so I can get out in the streets with the people who live there. I love Airbnb because it puts you right in the middle of the culture of wherever you are visiting, rather than the touristy areas and big business hotels. I plan on documenting as much as humanly possible to share with everyone.

Music reflects and is inspired by the people around us and the experiences we have. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to visit places I have never seen before, eat food I’ve never eaten, and give you some new music that reflects what I felt. If anyone has any suggestions for places to go or things I need to see, please email me!

This photoshoot brought up some emotions surrounding my self image. I’m proud that I pushed through and did it anyways. I’ve put some weight back on in the last few years due to some health issues, and I’m very much battling to lose the pounds again. My end result will be healthy, not a number. But like I say in my songs and to any thick woman, love yourself at any size. And I don’t mean that in a cheesy “we are the world” kind of way, but in a seriously embrace every curve of your body, everyday kind of way. Life is too short to spend it unhappy. I’ve made peace with the fact that I can be sexy no matter what the scale says, and know that I’m working daily towards my health goals.

While we were doing the shoot, I got some ‘whatcho number is’ looks from some men, and some hateful looks and eye rolls from some women. Becka saw one woman in particular. It makes me sad that some ladies are so miserable, they feel the need to tear someone else down, even with their looks. I really don’t give a damn how long she sat there with that stank face, because other people’s opinions are none of my business. I will say this though, I try to counter balance other people’s shittiness with genuine kindness. If I see a woman rockin the hell out of an outfit, big or small, I tell her. I’m glad I’m thick, it just means I’ve got a whole lotta extra love to give. I’m excited to carry that love overseas! Let’s start this #sharingiscaringtour and show them what Dallas soul music is about.

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